Bum in the mornings

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Whats your snapchat? If you don't mind me asking?

666 tokens on myfreecams to Lilmskitten

Do you accept nude male submissions?


When are you next going on mfc? :)

Probably later tonight

I am sorry people are stupid to you. I think you're majorly adorable and deserve the best :)

I just saw this way down in my asks and wanted to say thank you ❤️

Your tongue scares me

*licks your face*

I really wish I knew you in real life, so we can take wefies. . . ;-(


a selfie is the thing u pretty much perfected <3

am I doing it right? :P

you know, I have been following you and a fan of you for months on end and literally every time I see your name I read "lilms kitten" rather than "lil ms kitten"

Funny because some people prefer to call me “Lil ms” and some just call me Kitten, but no one ever says the full thing lol

Probably gonna turn asks off and only allow them on days I feel like replying

Get my snapchat for 666tk on MyFreeCams! Here’s a little of what you’re missing…

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What’s a selfie?

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