He came and sat on my head wagging his tail to wake me up from a nap
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also, i have carpe noctem tatted on my wrist, haha - night owls unite!


Where did you change your profile settings on myfreecams to make it look so colorful, with cute gifs, and pastels?

I made all the stuff on my profile in photoshop and edited the CSS myself, it’s not a setting. Banners and stuff are really easy to make (crappy ones like I do anyway lol).

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Hey, I'm a cam girl as well. Have you been approached by Matrix Models?

I have no idea who Matrix Models is, I’ve had a lot of different places try to “recruit” me to their cam sites before though. It’s usually a place I haven’t heard of.


I had avocado toast for my last breakfast in Bangkok, and the perfect Avocado Toast is not a humble affair. It is a symphony of tomato tepanade topped with thick slices of avocado, seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli flakes, a liberal squeeze of lemon and finally a dash of tabasco sauce, all on toasted whole seed sprouted bread. When time is limited, we have to make the moments we have memorable for ourselves, and a little time and effort is never misplaced when making food memorable.
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